Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter x Lola James Harper

Mama Shelter presents its collaboration with Lola James Harper, the collective of friends, artists, family, musicians, photographers, and candles designers.

The Mama Shelter values and atmosphere inspired them the creation of 6 candles with unique fragrances:

- The Mama Shelter in Paris: Atlas Mountains cedar and mahogany wood

- The Mama Shelter in Lyon: green tea, wood and honey

- The Mama Shelter in Bordeaux: smoked wood

- The Mama Shelter in Marseille: Atlas Mountains cedar and fig tree

- The Mama Shelter in Los Angeles: tuberose, monoï and wood

This Mama Shelter x Lola James Harper collaboration is a story of a meeting and of friendship. It bears the number 22, number dedicated to collaboration: 2together.

The candles are available in every Mama Shelter and ONLINE .

Welcome to Mama Shelter / Lola James Harper playground!